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Bridal Session

Living in Arizona most of my life has been a real treat! Being able to photograph elopements close to home is always a great time when you live in beautiful state. Most people might not initially think the desert is a beautiful place but there are so many hidden gems in Arizona such as this area near the Salt River!

Although Mallory and James didn't elope, they wanted some elegant adventure bridal photos to look back on and to share with their friends and family. With a short amount of time in the morning, we headed to the Salt River for sunrise. It was an early morning but well worth it when the sun peaked over the mountains. Arizona sunrises definitely do not disappoint.

Would you take bridal photos the morning of your wedding? A lot of couples prefer to see each other dressed up as the bride walks down the aisle but a great way to save time and take more couples portraits is to plan a bridal adventure session either the day before or after your wedding or elopement! In this case, Mallory and James did it in the morning of their wedding!

Many couples will plan a separate bridal session in a location different than where they're eloping to be able to have additional "elopement photos" without the formalities of vows or a ceremony!

Considering a bridal session?

A few things to consider:



Is there a location that you want to have photos at but you won't have time or energy to do it on your elopement or wedding day?

There usually isn't enough time during the wedding or elopement day to be able to get to all of the locations you have in your mind! Typically I'll plan a timeline of locations in close proximity to each other...but let's say there is a spot a bit father away that you would love photos at! That's where a separate bridal session comes in! You're able to focus on your ceremony and vows during your elopement or wedding day, and then go somewhere epic for your separate bridal session!

Find a location in the same state or general area as your elopement!

If you're planning your elopement in Big Sur, California for example and would love to have a separate bridal session the day before or after, it would be smartest to take photos at a location nearby in California like Point Reyes or the Redwoods National Park rather than half way across the country! That way you can get two different looks for your elopement without having to go far!

Will you be wearing your elopement bridal attire or would like photos in a different outfit?

Many times, client's want elopement photos in their wedding dress and suit in multiple locations. Other times, couples will want different outfits in different locations. This is where a bridal session comes in handy! Being able to have different looks for your elopement is the best part of eloping and having a bridal session! 

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