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A Styled Shoot at The Great Salt Lake


Traveling up to Utah is no short feat. Living in Arizona, I have to travel about 10 hours by car to be able to get to the Utah Valley. Luckily, I was able to find someone the day of to do a quick impromptu styled shoot at the Great Salt Lake.

At about 4pm, a few hours before sunset, we found an amazing spot at the state park and met up with our model Sara. The sunset still wasn't too warm which was perfect for the glassy and pastel colors I was intending on capturing during this cold lake shoot.

This was also one of my first times solely using my new medium format film camera. I recently bought the Bronica SQ-A that shoots a 6x6 frame. I shoot on film because of it's unique characteristics and the idea of shooting something physical like a film strip is a lot more satisfying to me.

Sara 120mm Portra 400-9.jpg
Sara 120mm Portra 400-10.jpg
Sara 120mm Portra 400-5.jpg
Sara 120mm Portra 400-3.jpg
Sara 120mm Portra 400-12.jpg
Sara Revised-15.jpg
Sara 120mm Portra 400-6.jpg

Are you a bride/groom planning a wedding?

Planning is a tough job! If you're looking for a talented wedding videographer or film photographer to memorialize your wedding, contact me today...I'd love to chat!

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