An Evening in Omaha - Groom Sings for his Bride

As the hum of the corn plains of Nebraska rang through the wedding venue, the feelings of love, nostalgia, and fellowship grew at the Hackleman wedding

High school sweethearts and best friends, Nathan and Hannah decided to get married in December with the intention of having a bigger wedding during the mid summer. Due to circumstances, they had to postpone their wedding to September 12th, a day they will always remember.


Within the rolling hills of Nebraska, a wedding venue so intimate and so perfect was prepared for the newlywed Hackleman couple.


Friends and family gathered together to appreciate the basic human emotion of love after a hard past few months without much communication or fellowshipping. Together, this night became a nostalgic one, reminding us all of the importance of friendship.


Especially sweet was teaming up with Nathan, the groom, on his wedding day to record a special song that would then be incorporated into the final wedding film during the first dance sequence.

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Are you a bride/groom planning a wedding?

Planning is a tough job! If you're looking for a talented wedding videographer or film photographer to memorialize your wedding, contact me today...I'd love to chat!

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