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Eloping in Iceland and need some inspiration?
Scroll down to see some more from a beautiful editorial I photographed September 2021 in Iceland

Iceland Elopement Editorial

Photographing this elopement styled editorial in Iceland was special to me! This was my second time in Iceland and I was able to bring my family along to experience the beauties of Iceland.

Throughout the planning process, I wanted to focus on the black sand beaches and intense waterfalls that are so common on the island. With a beautiful dress from Sumorakova Bridal and a gorgeous couple from Iceland, we set out to create an elegant fine art adventure elopement scene on the south side of Iceland.

If you'd like to see more from Iceland, check out my Iceland homepage, Iceland Elopement Photographer

So you want to elope in Iceland?

A few things to consider:



1. What kind of adventure elopement do you want to have?

There are many types of elopements out there. Some couples love to spend all day hiking to get to their destination. Many couples prefer to simply drive to an epic location and not have to hike too much to get epic views! Others plan ceremonies with their families and friends to join. All of this should be taken into mind when planning your elopement! Will this location be easy to get to if we have family? Do I want to spend all day hiking or would I rather save my energy and find something close by?

2. What kind of location do you like for your elopement?

Are you someone who prefers beach or forest? Do you like cold or hot weather? Do you want something moody or bright? Knowing what kind of landscape you want as a backdrop before looking at locations is important! This will help influence your decision and narrow it down so it's much easier to choose a specific location to have your adventure elopement!

3. What will you be wearing for your adventure elopement?

Fashion is important when it comes to picking somewhere to elope! Understanding the relationship between your attire and the landscape will produce much better results in the long run. For example, if you'd like to elope in Iceland or Hawaii that has lot's of black lava rock and dark greens, find something that will contrast the landscape such as a long light colored flowy dress. Want to match the landscape? Maybe try a black dress with a long cape! Avoid clashing your location of choice with your dress for the best results!

Disa & Skulli Editorial-57.jpg
Disa & Skulli Editorial-4.jpg
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Disa & Skulli Editorial-57.jpg
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