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Southern California Sand Dunes
Engagement Session

Waking up at 2am and driving to the sand dunes for sunrise is no easy feat. Living in Arizona, the drive to Glamis/Imperial dunes is about 3-4 hours! As we parked and almost got our car stuck, I looked at the empty dunes and was blown away by how beautiful they were. No cars, no people...just us and a beautiful sunrise.

As all 4 of us climbed the dune to get to the ridge, we were greeted with miles of empty desert! With a minimal backdrop like the sand dunes makes for some incredible photos, especially when the sunrise comes up!

Have you ever considered taking photos at the Southern California sand dunes? If you're interested in having a session just like this one, contact me and let's plan something epic!

What to expect when you're taking photos at the sand dunes?

A few things to consider:



It's not easy to run up those dunes...especially in the heat

The dunes can make for some incredible photos but it takes a bit of effort to get them. Climbing up and down the dunes is not the easiest task, ESPECIALLY when it is hot. I always recommend wearing something relatively light and to bring tons of water so that you can last a full adventure session!

Incredible for photos, not the best for ceremonies

I won't sugarcoat it...Glamis is a harsh environment. Lot's of wind, dust, and heat. Those three things combined can result in a nightmare for a wedding or elopement ceremony. Trying to share vows while family and friends are watching could be difficult, especially in the summer months. My recommendation is to take elopement photos at the sand dunes but not actually exchange vows there!

Plan according to the months

In the Winter months, the sand dunes sit at a nice temperature! During that time we typically face a different problem...duners. Most people who take side by side's and ATV's out to the dunes do so during the winter and fall months when it's cool. That's why I typically recommend going during the summer (if you can handle the heat of course). I would much rather take a little bit of sun for an hour or two to get some amazing photos than have unnecessary tracks and lot's of cars in the backgrounds of my photos!

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Would you get married here?

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Have you ever considered taking photos at the Southern California sand dunes? Whether it's an adventure elopement in the dunes or a dreamy engagement session, doing it in Southern California is the way to go. As an elopement photographer, I've traveled all over the Southwest looking for beautiful and epic locations to take my couples! 


If you're interested in having a session just like this one, or want something completely different, contact me and let's plan something epic!