the biography

Hi! My name is Archie and I'm a fine art destination wedding and elopement photographer & filmmaker currently residing in Arizona. I'm originally from Canada and grew up with an appreciation for nature. After spending a few years abroad, I developed a love for other cultures and love to incorporate it into my work whenever I can. My favorite activities to do is spend time with my wife on the beach or exploring a new area, traveling internationally, and trying new foods everywhere I go

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Growing up I dreamed of working for National Geographic filming and photographing volcanoes, massive canyons, or even rain forests! After being guided in the direction of weddings, I figured that it would be pretty cool if people could have their own epic films and photographs in nature.

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Why Choose Archie to Capture My Wedding?

After years of experience filming and editing, and having gone through the wedding planning process myself, I knows a thing or two about capturing the most elegant and emotional moments throughout your wedding day.