Meet Archie

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About me!

Hi! My name is Archie and I'm a fine art destination wedding and elopement photographer & filmmaker currently residing in Arizona. I'm originally from Canada and grew up with an appreciation for nature. After spending a few years abroad, I developed a love for other cultures and love to incorporate it into my work whenever I can. My favorite activities to do is spend time with my wife on the beach or exploring a new area, traveling internationally, and trying new foods everywhere I go

My journey as an elopement photographer started early on when I developed a love for nature. Watching nature documentaries lit the fire I felt to photograph these beautiful landscapes and what better way to do it then to add a beautiful couple ready to celebrate the best day of their lives!

Growing up I dreamed of working for National Geographic filming and photographing volcanoes, massive canyons, or even rain forests! After being guided in the direction of weddings, I figured that it would be pretty cool if people could have their own epic films and photographs in nature.

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With each adventure session and elopement that I photograph and film, I develop the love I feel towards elopement photography grow each and every day. Being out in nature has quickly become one of my favorite activities. 

Growing up in Canada, I was surrounded by such beautiful mountains and bright blue lakes. Although it was cold, I grew to love my birth place even after I moved to Arizona when I was 8. 

Experiencing the vast landscapes of Arizona and after a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, I was motivated to film and photograph volcanoes, mountains, and everything in between! As I worked towards this goal, I was given an opportunity to get into destination weddings and fell in love with it. Ever since my first destination wedding, I wanted to experience more aspects of the world that I had been scared to experience prior.


Flash forward to today and adventure elopements are my passion and being able to serve couples who want an elegant and luxurious adventure elopement fills my heart with joy!